A creative production studio

We are a team of nearly eighty artists, designers, creatives and producers, constantly inspiring each other to deliver cutting-edge work in the fields of marketing, film and art. We are in the business of making creative content to tell the best story, whatever that story may be. 
Based in Amsterdam across two different locations, and with plans to expand to New York City this year, we are equipped to work with partners from all over the world. And with our capabilities, we are able to see a project from beginning to end should that be the need. We thrive to work alongside each other – whether it’s visual effects artists teaming up with music composers, programmers working closely with designers or our creative director imagining up a film with CG artists and editors – we formulate the resources needed to not only get the job done, but bring it to the next level.


Ross VincentVFX Artist
Micha de GraafVFX Artist
Benjamin BourgonjeBusiness Developer
Nicole PolmanOffice Manager
Vincent LammersCreative Director | Partner
Jeroen CloostermanVFX Artist
Machiel BanenDeveloper
Marissa ZandvlietArtist Manager
Simon MeijerUnity Developer
Iris van den AkkerDesign & Animation Artist
Iñigio GonzalesDeveloper
Sebastiaan RoestenburgComposer | Founding Partner
Matt HareColourist
Charlotte ValletVFX Artist
Jorn BergmansMedia Manager
Asli ZerenLead Creative Writer
Joep MeijburgSound Designer | Composer
Sil BultermanVFX Artist
Ralph MeijerVFX Artist
Ruud KaagIT Manager
Wessel-Jan van ZijderveldSound Designer | Composer
Rens PluijmHead of Sound Design | Founding Partner
Ivor da SilvaVFX Artist
Robin van AsVFX Artist
Rachelle SlingerlandDesign & Animation Artist
Oscar MarmelsteinEditor
Nick GroeneveldAssociate Design & Animation Director
Esmé van HoutenHR Officer
Sjoerd de GreefVFX Artist
Inti MartinezVFX Artist
Willem Jan van RootselaarVFX Artist
Arjan VlaanderenIT Specialist
Jeroen van BerkelVFX Artist
Stephen PepperVisual Effects Supervisor
Lisa Marie SneijderPR Manager
Morgann BrunProducer
Zoë de RegtSound Design | Music Producer
Michiel BarnaartDeveloper
Bo KopsSenior Producer
Priya GowrisingFinancial Administrator
Jeremy VerfVFX Artist
Bram KoopmansAssistant Editor
Jeroen van EsProducer
Ed MeijaardManaging Director | Founding Partner
Jeroen HoolmansVFX Artist
Meghan SimsSenior Editor
Guus SchreijFinance Manager
Darden LongeneckerClient Director
Sophie van KootenProject Manager
Paul SluimersProducer
Sanny BartlemaDirector of First Impressions
Petra DusseauChef de Cuisine
Koert van der PloegColourist
Diederik VeeloHead of Innovation | Founding Partner
Jonathan KrijgsmanVFX Artist
Daphne LitjensSenior Operations Manager
Melissa van het SpijkerVFX Artist
Maureen van der HoutDesign & Animation Artist
Brittany BaltzerProduction Assistant
Rink HofDesign & Animation Artist
Jurriën BoogertAssociate Design & Animation Director
Merel KramerGallery Curator
Berenice DimanVFX Artist
Halbo van der KlaauwManaging Director | Founding Partner
Will FiennesEditor
Femke KampschreurProducer
Dennis van der LindenVFX Artist
Bas MoonenVFX Artist
Steven de CockAssistant Sound Engineer
Will JeffersHead of 3D
Marco BaaySound Designer | Partner
Hannah GlazebrookManaging Director Herengracht
Berry van VoorstMedia Manager
Peter van RijVFX Artist
Marina ReuserSenior Project Manager
Hans van der SteilenVFX Artist
Alvin GohDeveloper
Coen SpoorSenior Developer
Rio KierkelsSenior Developer
Gayle van BochoveHead of Operations
Ton HabrakenVisual Effects Director | Founding Partner

Who we are

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