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We’re an international team of over sixty artists all under one roof, inspiring each other to deliver cutting-edge work in the fields of advertising, film and art.
 Based in Amsterdam, we collaborate with creatives, agencies, directors and brands from all over the world. Our studios also work alongside each other, visual effects artists teaming up with music composers, programmers working closely with designers – all driven to tell each story in the most gripping way possible.


Blog | Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Hans van der Steilen

15.12.2017 - Our second Twenty A.S.S. Tracks all started as a joke, basically all good things start as a joke, but this ‘Because it’s Friday’ playlist, curated by ‘VFX Operator’ Hans van der Steilen, explores the wonderful musical world of the ‘90s and begin ‘00. It was definitely quite an era, to say the least.

For some weeks now, Hans has been posting a song every Friday that might have been forgotten, but nonetheless perfect to ring in the weekend. In this playlist you can find his top 20 ‘golden oldies’ to sing along, shout out or dance to on this December weekend.

So, for the sake of Friday, groove a little to Modjo, Blue Boy, Touch & Go, Fugees or the Wu-Tang Clan as if the 90’s never left.

Blog | Instagram campaign number 3 in ADWEEK top 10

11.12.2017 - The Instagram campaign 'Stories are Everywhere' is ranked number 3 in ADWEEK's top 10 ads of 2017. The campaign is created with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, and shows that everything can be made into a unique story. Even the Oscars. 

The micro films are all about being humorous with just a few simple Instagram tools. As our Editor Oscar Marmelstein recalls, “The challenge for this project was finding creativity in anything. We combined existing footage with new shots as a

comical answer to the original scenes. My role wasn’t solely editing these films, but also thinking of new scrips or filming new footage, which gave me quite an exciting role from idea creation to final result.”

Have a look at the top 10 list on ADWEEK here.

Check out the other micro films and full story here.


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