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We’re an international team of over sixty artists all under one roof, inspiring each other to deliver cutting-edge work in the fields of advertising, film and art.
 Based in Amsterdam, we collaborate with creatives, agencies, directors and brands from all over the world. Our studios also work alongside each other, visual effects artists teaming up with music composers, programmers working closely with designers – all driven to tell each story in the most gripping way possible.


Blog | Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Denise Slot

12.01.2018 - Our first Twenty A.S.S. Tracks of 2018 are curated by our lovely new Producer Denise Slot. To start this year off on the right foot, the playlist is filled with exotic tunes for a much needed tropical vibe.

While the winter in the Netherlands may not be over any time soon, Denise’s playlist will make you forget those dark and cold nights in a heartbeat. She may be a very down-to-earth Dutchie, but the list is a selection of different styles and tunes with an uplifting spirit from all over the world. It is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face and move you towards the nearest dance floor at anytime.

Turn the heater up, drink a cocktail and dance away to a sunny and tropical place!

Blog | Vincent Lammers’ look on 2017

31.12.2017 - Vincent Lammers’ year is ending on a particularly high note. It has been a pretty extraordinary year with a gold ADCN lamp, lots of exciting animation projects and his new role as our Creative Director and Partner makes us especially proud. A new adventure we can’t wait to start.

He started off as an intern at Ambassadors almost nine years ago and helped us grow tremendously, with this year being the cherry on the top. The ADCN night made us and especially Vincent very proud. Backed with such a strong team, it definitely was an ‘Ambassadors project’ whereas every studio played a significant part in the creation of the 35 second ASN Bank spot.

One of his first ‘holy shit’ moments this year was seeing the miniature forest for the ASN Bank film in real life, recalls Vincent. The level of details set the tone for everything else that followed.

The lights in de Bijenkorf

That wasn’t the only ‘holy shit’ moment, though... Imagine

being at de Bijenkorf during the night and seeing all the lights go out for the very first time, just before to shoot starts. Although that wasn’t even the challenging part! Thanks to the incredible crew they managed to pull off twelve shots in eight hours covering four floors plus an exterior shot. All before the sun came up.

All this hard work landed him on Adformatie’s list of best animation directors in adverting. But he finds this “a bit weird and crazy, maybe even a bit ridiculous, as it gives a skewed view of the immense talent that’s around.” Nonetheless, a great compliment. Still he will be the first to tell you, he would be nothing without his team. And we definitely agree they are an impressive bunch of designers, animators and visual effects artists ready to go the extra mile.

So for 2018 let’s keep our eyes on even bigger plans, like a project longer than 35 seconds where we can really get a chance to tell a more elaborate story. Just like those 2+ minute Christmas commercials that have been flying around this year.

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