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We are a team of nearly eighty artists, designers, creatives and producers, constantly inspiring each other to deliver cutting-edge work in the fields of marketing, film and art. We are in the business of making creative content to tell the best story, whatever that story may be. 
Based in Amsterdam across two different locations, and with plans to expand to New York City this year, we are equipped to work with partners from all over the world. And with our capabilities, we are able to see a project from beginning to end should that be the need. We thrive to work alongside each other – whether it’s visual effects artists teaming up with music composers, programmers working closely with designers or our creative director imagining up a film with CG artists and editors – we formulate the resources needed to not only get the job done, but bring it to the next level.

Blog | House of Craft – The Debrief with Mark Cunningham

14.05.2018 - Producers. Post-producers. Marketers. Business Directors. Strategists. Creatives of all kinds. OGs and newbies. This first edition of House of Craft - The Debrief brought us together to discuss and learn, to reflect on the past and tackle our day-to-day realities.

During this evening, Mark Cunningham, a veteran of the industry, opened up the conversation about the advertising world from the 70’s until now... Or as he called it, ‘the confessions of a mad man’.

This first edition is part of a series highlighting different topics relating to advertising production. These recurring events are the perfect nights for gabs, get-togethers, a little education and a lot of empowerment.

Blog | Tracking Marker App

06.04.2018 - Our Lab and VFX team created an app to fix tracking markers on phone screens during video shoots.

You simply choose a colour with or without tracking markers and that’s it. The screen is easy to replace in the post production.

Download the free app now:

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