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Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Marco Baay

24.11.2017 – Your favourite film scene wouldn’t be the same without its musical score. Imagine the suspense of Jaws without any sound, or a silent Star Wars or Amélie. No, the world wouldn’t be a better place, so in our first ‘Twenty Ambassadors Sound System Tracks’ we celebrate these incredible compositions.

The list is curated by our Sound Designer & Partner Marco Baay, who describes Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone and John Williams as modern day Bach, Beethoven and Mahler. “It inspires me how these composers can create the perfect atmosphere from frightened to powerful or a little trippy, with the use of just a few simple notes. As a Sound Designer I often need more effects to accomplish the same impact.”

Listen to these tracks on an easy Sunday afternoon, while letting the scenes float through your mind.

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Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Marco Baay

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