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Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Denise Slot

30.10.2017 – Our first Twenty A.S.S. Tracks of 2018 are curated by our lovely new Producer Denise Slot. To start this year off on the right foot, the playlist is filled with exotic tunes for a much needed tropical vibe.

While the winter in the Netherlands may not be over any time soon, Denise’s playlist will make you forget those dark and cold nights in a heartbeat. She may be a very down-to-earth Dutchie, but the list is a selection of different styles and tunes with an uplifting spirit from all over the world. It is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face and move you towards the nearest dance floor at anytime.

Turn the heater up, drink a cocktail and dance away to a sunny and tropical place!

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Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Denise Slot

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