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Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Bo Kops

02.03.2018 – This icy weather screams for some heat… So nothing better to warm you up than a fiery ‘Twenty ASS Tracks’ Hiphop playlist by Producer Bo Kops.

The playlist may or may not have been inspired by a mini-road-trip-gone-wrong, but regardless it’s evolved into bad-ass compilation of her most memorable hip-hop tracks of last year. “For me, 2017 was the year of Vince Staples’ Big Fish Theory, the return of N.E.R.D., and Jaden Smith who showed that little kids can become Batman if they want. Now let’s bring out our most energetic dance moves and act all Bad and Boujee.”

Or for the dare devils, who’s up for some ‘ice dancing’ on the canals?

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Twenty A.S.S. Tracks by Bo Kops

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