The right voice is one of the essential elements in creating a gripping narrative. A strong tone can trigger an emotion or add a humorous tone, amplifying the visual experience. Our sound producers are specialised in high quality casting and recording with an extensive database of voice artists from around the world.

G-Star | Raw Spring Summer

When casting this film, we looked for a leading voice that can transform a chess game into a seductive dance of two. Finding a strong male voice creates a fashionable balance between a slightly provocative brand and a poetic narration.

Asus | Chi

A captivating voice can easily carry the narrative of the film, emphasising a storytelling focus. What creates a strong trigger that let’s your mind travel through the scenes, wondering to the final note.  

TokBek | Life of a voice over

So what is life really like as a voice-over? The right intonation can make or break a film, becoming an all-around guiding line. At our studio the sound engineers can handle any given hurdle, solely focussed on the best end result.

Rijksoverheid | Energie besparen doe je nu

The serious tone of the characters brings a comical relief to a quite serious topic, like in-house energy saving technology. During the casting of these voices the subtle nuance is important to keep in mind. In this case playing around with the tone of the voice elevated the message of the film.

ICS | Mr. Box

Not every vocal tone should be visually translated to a human figure, even boxes can become exciting when the right voice is added.

ASML | Online

The clean aesthetic of the hi-tech animation is emphasised with a vigorous voice. The uplifting tone give the technical animation a human touch.

ABN AMRO | Moeder & Vader

Two separate point of views can become more evident when two different voices are used, for example the point of view of the mother and father.  


TokBek | Life of a voice over

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