Zorg en Zekerheid | De blinde man die van Den Haag naar Leiden fietste

Not often is a true story as remarkable as the one shown in the Zorg & Zekerheid film. The two lead characters are friends in real life, one is blind and one is not. But that did not stop them from cycling from The Hague to Leiden on a tandem. Makes you think about your Sunday activities, right?

The animations are illustrated by Frank Viva, who is a frequent cover artist for The New Yorker magazine, illustrated several children’s books and has received multiple awards. “An absolute honour to work with such a talent”, grins Vincent Lammers, Head of Design & Animation and Director. The remarkable story easily comes to life in the illustrations which evolve around a ‘cloud-theme’ and of course the bike ride. For the blind man clouds are a fascinating concept, because visualising them is impossible. The short film tries to grasp their journey, covering a lot of ‘firsts’ for the blind man, like riding a bike, feeling the wind across his face and especially the sense of moving around freely.

To emphasise the honest approach the real voices are used and at the end of the film they briefly enter the screen. “We tried to keep the expressions on a minimal level and focus more on a round story, almost like a children’s book” says Lammers. “That is why we only have one flashback scene of the little boy on the bike in the rain. There were so many sidelines that we needed to cut it down to a more simple version, because that is the power of the story.”

An intriguing musical contrast

Also in the music the two different personalities create a guiding line. On one hand the Dutch voice of the blind man is translated to a harmonia sound and the more Oriental sounding voice of the friend is translated to a tabla. “It created an interesting sound and intriguing contrast with the illustrations ” recalls Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Composer & Founding Partner, “But strengthens the overall story.”

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Zorg en Zekerheid | De blinde man die van Den Haag naar Leiden fietste

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