Wijn & Stael | What does your case need?

Together with production company Hazazah and director Krijn van Noordwijk we created several shorts for True Agency commissioned by Wijn & Stael. The rebranding of Wijn & Stael emphasises their versatility, especially their ability to adapt to every presented case.

As a visual explanation strong sport qualities are combined with hard-hitting elements of the courtroom. The universal strength is shown in the flowing movement between the lawyer and sports persona.

The subtle transition is a very important aspect, as Van Noordwijk and Bas Moonen, VFX Supervisor, discussed early on. The shift should be on the subconscious level, where the lawyer suddenly is a ballerina without any real record of this shift. So it is safe to say the visual effects team had their work cut out for them.

Being involved from the start tackled visual effects difficulties in a early stage. “Morphing can be a tricky business”, according to Moonen, “so early on we thought of solutions that created a logical flow between the two personas. This saved a lot of

time in the end and created a much better end result.”

It was a challenge to transform the aesthetic images, which have an elegant flow, to a strong movement, maybe even a slightly aggressive one, all in super speed. So it was eminent to stay focused every second on set, says Moonen. “Does he put the same foot forward as in the last shot, are his arms still in the same position, and so on.”

A joined effort 

The creative freedom really stood out on this project for Moonen and Oscar Marmelstein, Editor. The ability to bring Van Noordwijk’s vision to reality by finding the best possible solutions as a joined effort, created a very pleasant work flow.

As Marmelstein expresses, “The concept was shot so precisely that the transitions between the lawyers to the athletes and back synced perfectly. All edits are build up with speed ramps and wipes between the athletes and lawyers, which already worked really well in the offline edit. Afterwards on the online side, Bas and his team made it into a masterpiece.”

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Wijn & Stael | What does your case need?

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