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Animal welfare is a trending topic for quite some time now, shifting from the fashion industry to the food industry and back again. Still it hasn’t changed much for the ones directly affected by our choices. The animals are still suffering, with the mass production of pigs leading the pack. Wakker Dier is fed up, have you ever tried living in a space as tiny as a shopping cart? Probably not, so neither should pigs. It is time to wake up!

The short film is directed by Krijn van Noordwijk, who perfectly captures a very pressing emotion throughout the film. This built up is emphasized even more though the use of sound.

“From the first moment on I wanted to capture the icy atmosphere though the lights switching on and off, the squeaking and distressed movements of the pig and the metal sounds of the shopping cart” explains Marco Baay, Partner and Sound Designer. “Especially the suffering feeling of the pig is built up through the combination of those specific sounds and detailed images.”

The voice-over guides the viewer through the film, so the choice of Kim Kooten was an easy one as she is very outspoken advocate for animal rights.

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Wakker Dier | Kiloknaller Varken

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