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Living a healthy lifestyle is a very trending topic, integrated into every part of our social and work life. TomTom understands our desire to track our every move anywhere we are. The short film takes you around all different kind of sports on different locations, easily monitored by the TomTom watch. Follow every movement in or out the water, fast or slow, high or low. Just ‘Get Going’.

The ‘on the move’ feeling is translated into one track camera movements, as for example the first shot of the girl in the living room goes through the window onto her running outside to a rotated view at a guy’s face on the street, then moves on to the bungee jump into the water.

All in one shot. ‘This was especially tricky as we didn’t have a motion control camera, so we had to find other solutions’, recalls Ton Habraken, Visual Effects Director & Founding Partner.

The camera perspective is an entertaining element during the film, as it starts out as an observer and moves on in a point of view angle until the camera goes underwater. During the whole film the camera zooms in and out changing its perspective, triggering the viewer at every moment.

A mini rollercoaster

‘Especially the golf shot is an interesting one’, according to

Habraken. ‘The shot was designed in the animatic, and at first we wanted to film it with a GoPro but that did not work. So we built a mini rollercoaster where we could roll the camera on that follows the swing of the golf club. This in combination with a lens change from a 35mm to a 14mm and back again, made it a very exciting shot to film!’

It was not all fun and rollercoaster games, as one camera unfortunately did not make it to the end of the shoot. ‘We had a little accident with the “cable camera to underwater shot,” because at one point the camera landed too hard on the water

and it is safe to say that was the final shot of our camera. But it was also the best one!’, exclaims Habraken. 

Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Composer & Founding Partner, agrees that all the different locations and sports made this film a very exciting project. ‘For the Sound Design we experimented with all different kind of sounds for every scene. For example we tried out the BMX bikes outside to get the exact sound. Or we used an underwater microphone to record voices under water, which was a lot of fun. It was important to put the focus on on the storyline instead of the transitions.’

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TomTom | Get Going

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