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Why confine yourself to a set subscription without any input in your data-usage. This wanderlust generation can’t handle such restrictions, so Tele2 decided to change the game with a sim only subscription that is terminable every month. Such freedom!

This sense of liberation is embodied in world champion free runner Lynn Yung, who jumps, turns, flies and walks on water during the short video without a stunt double. Her energy and charisma kept spirits high on and off the camera. The film is directed by Jason Koenig, who claimed worldwide fame with his music videos for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Ed Sheeran. His guerilla style filming is a breath of fresh and slightly chaotic air with exciting new camera angles giving the film the spontaneity and energy it needs.

Set supervision 

Ton Habraken, Founding Partner and Visual Effect Director and Bas Moonen, Visual Effects Supervisor joined the crew on set in Lisbon in order to keep all the planned effects in check. While a lot of the stunts are done in real life, every shot has an added visual effect to create the goofy perfection. “During the editing process Jason kept trying every angle, so a few scenes that are in the film now are not shot on set. I’ve created them from the material I had, until it fitted the storyline” explains Moonen. “The shot of the crocodile zucchini is stop motion, which Ton and I made on the set with a camera hung on a rig. We made the stop motion the old school way, shooting image by image without any added effects. It was fun to change things up a bit.”

A more challenging shot is the scene where Lynn, the lead character, is chopping up the zucchini. “Her arm is moving in high speed, while the rest of her body is standing still. These are two separate takes, which are seamlessly blended back together.”

Collaborative fun

The collaboration with Indie was definitely a memorable one, basically living together at the Ambassadors Headquarters. This dedication and the fun while creating this film is clearly visible in the final film.

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Tele2 | Freedom

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