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The new TELE2 campaign picks up just where the last one left off. The three films raise the bar at testing limitlessness in every sense of the word. No crazy internet meme is same from now on.

While most aspects of the films are shot live, some specific elements like the ‘Meowl’ and ‘VR Lobster’ are alive and kicking on the internet, but unfortunately not in the real world. “It was extremely important to create a ‘Meowl’, a cat head with an owl body, that looked alive. So having realistic cat- and owllike movement is essential” explains Bas Moonen, VFX Supervisor. “In a stroke of coincidence, the cat walking around the studio was a pro at posing. Better than the trained stand-in cat. So we shot her and a barn owl separately against a green screen. Afterwards I tested several versions, one more cartoonish and

one more lifelike to design the perfect look. In the end, to find a balance between the two, I created a silly unexpected mouth movement and kept a sort of realistic appearance.”

What made this project slightly challenging was the very tight deadline and very detailed shots. With one week shoot and less than one week post-production, planning is key, points out Jeroen van Berkel, 2D artist. “I’m glad we tested several shots like the VR lobster, the falling panels and the Meowl before we started shooting. The richness of the film is created on set with all the different elements happing in camera, so a big task is perfecting the shots and adding the final touches while creating a continuous flow.”

So for the concentrated observer, did you see the orca-cat?

Set photography by Sasha Bojko


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TELE2 | Everyone Unlimited

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