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When the options are unlimited, what would you do? Drive around with laser beaming cat statues? Or jet ski in the swimming pool? Have a super sonic gardener blasting the latest hits? Tele 2 just figured to do them all, because why limit yourself when you can stream Netflix and Spotify while doing all the above?

The three films are filled with puns, big and small, covering every inch of your screen, pretty much setting the vibe for the whole project. Have you seen the dancing bushes or twerking statues? “The collaboration with Indie Amsterdam was just as fun as the previous film, so everyone kept cracking jokes from early in the morning till late at night” recalls Bas Moonen, VFX Supervisor.

The films are shot in a very beautiful villa in Portugal, creating the perfect backdrop for a few amusing but hectic days. “A lot of the ideas were planned out on set, like the speedboat and statues. But others happened organically while filming, for example the opening of the eyes of the grumpy cat and the characters in the background, the cat on his lawnmower and the walking bush.”

But it didn’t end there! New ideas kept on brewing to make the ‘Hoe dan’ in each film more vivid. “Together with Jeroen Annokkee, the Director, and Creative Directors Emilio de Haan and Rogier de Bruin we kept inventing more humorous elements like the bouncing cat head” recalls Moonen. “First I would make a quick sketch in Flame to shape the idea in a few

minutes, so later on the team worked it out seamlessly.”

We used a lot of CG to really bring the avant garde style to the next level, explains Will Jeffers, Head of 3D. “The main goal is to exaggerate as much as possible, for example – the grass flying from the lawnmower could not be shot on set, so we added loads of grass in CG.”

The clay pigeons were a bit more tricky as they needed to be a recognisable Frank Underwood. We sculpted his face from reference images to really nail the likeness. For his mouth we

recorded one of our colleagues saying ‘Hoe dan’ and comped his mouth over the model.

For cat and squirrel we used Photogrametry to quickly get models we could animate to deliver the outspoke expressions. We then rendered the mouths and gave comp animated faces to work their magic on.

“Creating 45 shots in 10 days can be very hectic and tricky, but working closely together brought out the creative ideas as well.”

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Tele 2 | Hoe dan?!

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