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Spring is in the air! The sun is out, the daffodils are looking bright and the birds are waking up after a winter break. The perfect moment for Strongbow to launch their new campaign featuring Mary and Mr. Plant in a whirlwind of apples taking over the city. This campaign plays a strong focus on Strongbow’s guerrilla gardeners project, which brings nature to the city in all kind of shapes and sizes.

The film for the organic apple cider is directed by Fredrik Bond of Sonny London with visual effects by the Mill, Los Angeles. Stongbow’s passion for craftsmanship is the guiding line

throughout the short film where nature takes over the city.

The music and sound design are created by Ambassadors commissioned by Cloud Factory, Amsterdam. The song is a re-recording of the all time classic ‘It’s oh so quiet’ by Betty Hutton stemming from the 1950. The key in recording the song for this film, is staying as close to the original sound as possible. So to grasp the old tune and mono sound, where band and singer are recorded together, new technology is thrown out of the window and the search for the right acoustic and analogue equipment becomes the first step.

Bethlehem Church 

“When looking for the right acoustics and materials we came across Studio 150, who recently moved to the Bethlehem church in the North of Amsterdam. They have an endless amount of vintage microphones, recording materials and an even bigger knowledge of the recording techniques used in the 1950’s. Combine this with perfect acoustics in the church, and you can imagine the excitement of our whole Sound & Music team” recalls Ed Meijaard, Founding Partner and Managing Director.

Finding the right voice for the song is the biggest challenge, especially when you are looking for a voice resembling Betty Hutton. “When we found Davina (& the Vagabonds) from Minneapolis we were stunned. Her voice carries the same strength as Betty Hutton, so we immediately recorded her

through a Skype connection and mastered it in our studio. On such moments you are suddenly very thankful for modern day technology” explains Marco Baay, Sound Designer and Partner.

Lots and lots of apples 

Because of the mono sound of the music, the sound design can roam free. The city skylines, footsteps, birds, branches, leaves, cats, a lion and lots and lots of apples play a centre part in the sound scape of the film. “One morning we covered the whole studio floor with apples for some foley recordings. Simply moving them back and forth. All of the Ambassadors unknowingly ate apples for weeks” confesses Baay.

The finishing touches of the voices of Mary and Mr Plant are brought in from Marseille and New York, giving this film a rightful global touch.

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Strongbow | Imagine

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