Sire | Voor wie doe jij het eigenlijk?

Sire is an independent foundation in the Netherlands creating awareness for social issues. These issue are easily swept under the rug because of their heavy overtone. The campaign asks an important question ‘Who are you doing it for?’.

The films take a look inside each character’s head, a glance behind the well put up facade. This is a challenging aspect tells Rens Pluym, Head of Sound Design & Founding Partner, the voice-overs tell the story, so the right tone is of utmost importance otherwise it may feel too acted out and therefore loose its heaviness. 

These subtle nuances in the voices or sound can make of break the film. “It was especially difficult for the film where the little boy plays the violin”, says Pluym. “The emotion in the child face had to be a strong contrast with the blind enthusiasm of the father’s voice. So we recorded it multiple times with different actors before we got it right.” 

The same obstacle came forward in the film about the man doubting his work. “He is having a conversation with himself basically”, says Pluym, “so he really should sound more in a thinking mode than in a conversational tone.”

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Sire | Voor wie doe jij het eigenlijk?

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