Showreel | Koert van der Ploeg

Our in-house Colourist, Koert van der Ploeg, changed his course completely, when instead of becoming an editor, he fell for the mystique of colour grading. It was this magical aspect of creating a narrative through use of colour, that became his fascination. So, it is safe to say he is in the right place. And we couldn’t be happier.

“My first step is to dive into the core of the narrative. I look at

the main message and what roles characters play in the story.” Like a modern day painter, he adjusts the range of colours, light direction and the focus of attention. “The colour grading needs to emphasise the main storyline. And I will always look for the perfect interplay between the style and the main message.” So as a colourist, he designs a unique colour grade every single time.

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Showreel | Koert van der Ploeg

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