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JWT Doha, City Films & ourselves created a series of commercials with Xavi. In the first commercial that we made with Xavi – “Xavi is everywhere” – we see Xavi as a player, referee, substitute, coach, commentator, cameraman,

photographer, goalkeeper, fan and television viewer at home on the couch. In short, the world is made up of Xavi’s. The message: “When you are a key player, the world is yours.”

Halbo van der Klaauw, Managing Director: “This film is the first of a series of four commercials. This is a “stadium movie,” it is what we have done before and what we are good at. This time we went for an even better, bigger and more imposing stadium, to raise the bar for ourselves and bring it to another level.

Together with director Daniel Benmayor we shot the

commercial in a green-screen studio in Dubai in two days, on the other side of the Persian Gulf. Because Xavi plays all the characters in the commercials, we used a motion control camera, so we could make the same movement with stand-ins – and we could create loads of Xavi’s… The other films we shot in South Africa, but I can currently not speak about it yet. “

Will Jeffers, Head of 3D Ambassadors: “In this commercial everything outside the pitch is created digitally; the stadium, stands, the light (it’s night) and the public. Detail wise we pushed it as much as possible. There are more than 20

character animations designed with Arabic outfits, football shirts, scarves and flags. In total it gives it a fuller, darker, more ominous atmosphere, as per request of the director. To make a long story short: we have made no creative concessions.”

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QNB | Xavi everywhere

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