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In this hectic life a little comfort is never too much, especially after a long day of playing tennis at the country club. When the little extras which should make life easier, like your robot vacuum, start minding their own business, finding some peace and quiet is a necessity. Prominent understand this life or death situation like no other with their comfortable designs.

Selmore Agency and Pink Rabbit approached us to cover the music sound design. Together we created the commercial where this situation is sketched with a big wink to emphasise Prominent’s abundant comfort. A light and funny film, which was just as joyful to make.

Marco Baay, Sound Designer & Partner, can not stop laughing when recounting this project. ‘A robot vacuum on the loose’ is not a regular noise, so finding it in the database is not possible. The only why to find the authentic sound is to recreate it. “We brought a vacuum into the studio and just started experimenting”, beams Baay. “Jacco Achterberg (from Selmore) and I tried out every possible surface, paper, dishcloths, cushions and even our hands to find the perfect sound. We basically tried to break it.”

It was not all fun and games, as the music briefing was a bit more complicated. The important feature is the underlying humorous feeling in the music, which can make or break the film. When the jazzy vibe was added, it all fell into place.

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Prominent | Robotstofzuiger

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