NS | Wat houdt je tegen?

Nothing wrong with a last minute road trip to Paris to spice up your day. This short film for NS brings out the true value of friendship with a little help of our teams.

Creating the continuous narrative is a bit more difficult than the film suggests, explains Bas Moonen, VFX Supervisor. “The most tricky aspect of this film is not being able to shoot the exact shot we envisioned in the station. So the shots of the train leaving the station are a mixture of several takes out of the

cockpit and out of the side window of the train. In Flame I conjoined the different angles to create the right perspective.”

Finding a balance between authenticity of the story and a visual appealing film is a constant process. “The scenery leaving the stations wasn’t that exciting when departing in the right direction, so on our way back we filmed the other side which had very recognisable and iconic elements which fitted the narrative better” confesses Moonen.

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NS | Wat houdt je tegen?

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