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The colder and darker times of the year are ahead, but for NS dating season never gets cold. The romantic allure of hopping on a train to find love is as old as day, but this short film gets a modern twist by using a very popular Tinder-like app.

The narrative of the film revolves around a young guy and his best furry friend hopping on a train to meet a girl (and her dog) he met on an app. His dog barks for approval and off they go. This modern day romance looks all easy breezy, with just some help of our VFX, Grading and Sound Design team.

To create the wanted look in- and outside the train, two

separate shoots were required. One with two stationary trains and the other with moving trains. As Bas Moonen, Visual Effect Supervisor, explains ‘We dismantled parts of the stationary train, for example the window, so we could place a clearer version with the right reflections in the post-production. To create the perfect light, together with the light team, we also built a sort of carrousel with lights and mirrors to mimic the moving reflection.’

The sunlight during the day caused for a tight timeframe, because of the of the back light on the green screen. ‘We had a few hours to get the shot right before the sun was to low and reflected in the screen’, recalls Moonen.

The NS look

The second shoot was even more of an adrenaline kick, because of the moving trains with actual passengers. ‘The timeline during the film is consistent with the actual train times in real life, also the views outside and look inside the trains are the same as the real life routes. So at the second shoot we hopped those lines a few times to get the right shot at the right time’ describes Moonen. ‘Being involved

from the beginning allowed us to think out these scenes in the best way possible to keep the NS look in the post-production.’

The sound design is mostly to support the music and create an ambiance explains Wessel-Jan van Zijderveld, Sound Designer & Composer. ‘We created little sounds to bring focus to the dog or the Tinder-like app in order to emphasise the storyline. The subtleness of the sounds and images is what makes this short film a sweet watch and not too cheesy.’

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NS | Jongen en Hond

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