Noord Skatepark Amsterdam | Go NOORD

Together with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam we teamed up for a local project about the opening of NOORD, a skatepark in the north of Amsterdam. The park is a continuation of Skatepark Amsterdam, which closed in 2013, and is the only indoor skate facility in Amsterdam. So let’s combine our passions for sports and creativity to support the opening of the new local park!

To bring the park to life, Wieden + Kennedy collaborated with local influencers including skate park designer Michael Groenewegen, architect Guido Schuurman from OFMAA, Sterling Projects, Eelco de Koning of Nike SB, project booster Eva de Klerk, Benny Komoala of Ben-G, and professional  

skateboarder Wieger van Wageningen.

This film ‘Go Noord’ takes the viewer on a journey though Amsterdam, visiting some iconic skate spots like Vondelpark and Olympiaplein, while slowly moving towards the new NOORD park. Our Senior Colourist, Brian Krijgsman, gave Amsterdam a colourful jacket throughout the film. “John Filipe and Vasco Vicente, regulars at the Ambassadors, were a creative delight to work with. A mutual trust resulted in a free flowing colour grading session, bouncing ideas back and forth, making the city of Amsterdam look at its best. From morning sunrise to beautiful sunsets.”

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Noord Skatepark Amsterdam | Go NOORD

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