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Art director, creative director, designer and film director Ewoudt Boonstra made the short film Butt X-ray together with Vincent Lammers — Head of Design and Animation. The film is about an obsessed lawyer, the late Ryan Dunn, an x-ray, a Dutch car named DAF and has a surprising plot. 

What was it that attracted Boonstra?

Boonstra: ‘I was attracted by the absurdity and the youthful hubris of the story. I loved the premise: two people, on two different continents, that trade a car for an x-ray. You don’t come up with something like that. Butt X-ray is also a film about negotiating; a negotiation with a very creative outcome’.

We provided the vivacious narration — in Scottish accent — with beautiful archival footage and — POW! — comic-like

animations. Vincent Lammers: ‘We chose for an analogue style that connects all the different kinds of footage and we added Ewoudt Boonstra’s illustrations and titles. By using the color black and frames with rounded corners we literally stay inside the word of.. erm the butt’.

Also we created the sound design, with music by Rimer London, Boonstra’s ‘regular’ composer. Wessel-Jan van Zijderveld, Sound Engineer: ‘The sound design has a purely narrative role. We added accents throughout the film that highlight moving images and fun facts in the story. The music by Rimer London is inspired by retro stock music and glues all the elements together.’

Ewoudt Boonstra: ‘Where the car — a Corvette — is right now remains a mystery’.

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Mr Bourdrez | Butt X-ray

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