McDonalds | Happy Stories

Living in and out of hospitals can be traumatic for every child and parent, so any possibility to ease up this experience is a warm welcome. For every Happy Meal McDonalds donates an amount to the ‘Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds Nederland’ helping lots of sick children every year. Our sound team created a musical story to underline the beautiful child drawn animation.

This animated short film is a collection of several stories told by

children helped by the Ronald McDonald foundation. The short film is narrated and designed by the kids themselves.

“The story is based on interviews with several children living in the Ronald McDonald house and conjoined together to create one storyline. So it was important to create a musical score that emphasised their story even more and find the perfect balance between an uplifting tone and the sad reality” recalls Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Composer and Founding Partner.


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McDonalds | Happy Stories

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