McDonalds | Mix ‘n Match

Together with TBWA \ Neboko we have created a fresh and flashy summer campaign for McDonald’s.  ‘Mix your own McFlurry’ consists of three short TV commercials, radio spots and print.

The campaign has three combinations; the McFlurry Oreo (ice cream, Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce), the McFlurry Cornetto (with bits Cornetto and strawberry sauce) and the M&M McFlurry with caramel sauce. We were briefed to mix the McFlurry combinations in sound and visual, thus to create a triptych of colorful, flavorful and trippy music animations.

Sebastian Roestenburg, Composer: ‘The music was the starting point of the production and later the image accomplished the music. It had to be a mix of urban, electro and hip hop, with many samples, vocal effects and mc’s.’

Vincent Lammers is responsible for the graphics, animations and print: ‘the art was to create mini video clips which have the joyful feeling of a gif, but bigger. Think: graphic design meets music, on big screens at in a concert hall. That work, that impact. I think we made it work for this series.’




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McDonalds | Mix ‘n Match

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