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Dogs are being trained to sniff out intestinal cancer in stool specimen, which could detect cancer in an early stage. They can trace the odour emitted by cancer cells in human faeces. It almost feels as an otherworldly story, but it is a huge step forward, which will save lives in the near future.

For our Editor, Oscar Marmelstein, the intelligence of dogs in noting new. “As a loving dog owner making this edit was really satisfying. This commercial proves how dogs, and other animals, are more valuable to our lives than we think.”

The subject is of a more delicate nature and can definitely be slightly uneasy. This feeling is translated to the sound design, which puts you off on the wrong foot. The ambiance sounds and the icy toilet setting give away a hospital vibe, as you would expect. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Joep Meijburg, Sound Designer, explains, “The background noises give an uncomfortable hospital feeling, but very subtly the noises are transitioned into the very familiar and comforting sounds of children playing in the swimming pool. The subtleness gives a little extra touch to the voice over and the images, transitioning the uneasiness to a comforting scene.”

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KNGF | Geleidehond

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