Instagram | Stories are everywhere

Instagram stories are videos of merely a few seconds and are slowly becoming the modern way of communicating. No need to call or text, a quick story can say just as much or even more. For the new Instagram campaign the guidelines are clear, make short films like the stories would show in the app. That means a vertical frame, no fancy camera or digital enhancements.

“It was quite amusing to see this huge crew running around filming everything with an iPhone” recalls Oscar Marmelstein, Editor. “The challenge in this project is finding creativity in anything. We combined existing footage with new shots as an

answer to the original scenes, but in a humorous way. My role wasn’t solely editing these films, but also thinking of new scrips or filming new footage. This gave me quite an exciting role from idea creation to final result.”

These stories fit the internet humour, as long as the joke come across, it doesn’t need to look perfect. “The short films are plugged in different cities based on known data, so we know what works best where. For example, Germans tend to prefer horses and eyes, so me made very amusing stories around those elements without losing the look of a real Instagram story. The idea was these stories can be made anywhere.”

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Instagram | Stories are everywhere

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