Hermès | SS 2016 Men

We teamed up with our friends Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug for Hermès. Another stylish project created by this directorial duo.

Bas Moonen – Flame Artist – “Lernert and Sander have a signature style which you can recognise straightaway. Personally, I think it is fantastic to work with a team that has so much passion in what they do. They are very detailled in their way of working and the focus on delivering the perfect end result. To work on this beautiful aesthetic project gives me great satisfaction.”

Lernert & Sander on their website: “We continue our journey to film the perfect 360 in this piece for HERMÈS SS2016 Men’s collection. This time we invited champion rollerskaters Sergio Canales and Carles Gasset to perform spins. We juxtapose the elegant roller skate world with the more masculine yet equally mesmerizing spinning performance of motorbiker Benjamin Baldini. The ideal nature of men: best of both worlds.”

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Hermès | SS 2016 Men

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