Heineken | The Invention

Heineken Netherlands takes you back to their iconic moment on the World Expo in 1889.That expo did not only have the Eiffel tower and an attendance of Thomas Edison, it was an historic day when bottled beer by Gerard Heineken won the Grand Prix. Not very surprisingly the brand had already won a gold medal for their outstanding quality in 1875. Both medals are still featured on the bottle to this day.

The Dutch are still very proud every of these accomplishments. And that is exactly what TBWA\Neboko wanted to emphasize with this short film. The very down to earth Gerard Heineken

presented the beer in a very simple set up, leaving the craft to speak for itself.

An electrical vibe

When creating the Sound Design, Rens Pluym, Founding Partner and Head of Sound Design, kept the historic authenticity in mind. “I focussed on recognizable sounds from the 19th century like the steam train or horse hooves on cobblestones. A fun twist is the moment Edison’s big light installation is turned on giving a strong electrical vibe, which is opposing to any other sounds in the film.”

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Heineken | The Invention

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