Hartstichting | Blood drop

“Sometimes the solution to something big lies in something small” is the opening statement of the short film for Hartstichting and it couldn’t be more on point. One blood drop can tell more than a life story and can even save you from a heart attack. Unfortunately still a lot of funding is needed to do research for this new technology.

This short film emphasises the solution rather than the problem, which is a new strategy explains Caroline Wink, brand- and communications strategist at Hartstichting. ‘The heart is the motor of life. So I’m happy we choose a strategy that has a positive outcome on life, because we try our hardest to keep

the hearts of people strong and rebuilt their strength.’

Physically Based Renderer

For our Visual Effects artists the blood drop has to look as if it was manually shot on set. Normally these 3D elements are created with Maya, but because we wanted a really gritty result in a short amount of time we chose to use the new Physically Based Renderer that was recently introduced on Flame. This tool allowed us to control and fake complex material and camera properties within our finishing software. Combining the renders with shot elements even before actually rendering, and bypassing the regular, elaborate, but sometimes time

consuming workflow through Maya.

A realistic blood drop

In order to create the best possible realistic looking blood drop, Bas Moonen, 2D Artist, explains; ‘after researching a lot of falling drops, there are a few key points that make the difference between a fake looking or a realistic looking drop. The drop is always susceptible to its environment, so I’ve added a slight vibration to the surface and a minor wobbling

effect as it falls down. Aside of these touches Jeroen van Berkel, 2D Artist, designed the right shader that creates the right reflection and material characteristics.”

The blood drop is not the only added Flame touch. The camera angle and backgrounds are manipulated as well. ‘To emphasise the falling of the drop I played with the camera focus. You would expect the camera to have trouble focussing on such a small drop, so I added these blurry moments as if the camera is loosing focus’ explains Moonen.

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Hartstichting | Blood drop

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