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Let’s stop fooling around with our beloved planet. It is time to grow up and stop ‘aardkloten’ according to Greenchoice and we couldn’t agree more! So let’s invest in new and innovative ways to generate energy and for once and for all choose green energy.

The storyline of the short film is built up through the use of red and green colours, emphasizing the good and the bad. “We further developed the visual style of Greenchoice, while trying out some new techniques. The story starts in red and slowly transforms into green in the background and through the

details. We combined this with a more collage black and white style of images to tell the story in a visual way instead of using lots of text”, explains Maureen van der Hout, Design & Animation artist.

The animation is also based on this collage style, as Rink Hof, Design & Animation Artist recalls. “The hand is cut up in several parts, as a collage would be. So the movement should have a more wobbly approach as if it were pieces of paper moving on top of each other. It was very important to keep that tactile feeling as a contrast to the bright colours.”

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Greenchoice | Aardkloten

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