Galeria Kaufhof | Heart by Heart, Together we celebrate

Christmas time always brings out the importance of togetherness, a moment to reflect and feel loved. This commercial for Galeria Kaufhof does exactly that by eliminating the element of competition and emphasising the importance of friendship. The short film is a modern and grown up pop up book story, with a happy ending nonetheless.

The enchanting story is brought to life in sound design and music. “The visual story created with the pop-up book was a big source of inspiration for the sound design. The director, Manuel Ferrari, bought loads of pop-up books, so we used it to recreate the sound of turning pages or little elements rising out of the page” explains Rens Pluijm, Founding Partner and Head

of Sound Design. “In every scene we meet a new character, so next to the book sounds we added a fine layer of animal sounds, which really gave these characters more of a personality without loosing the enchanting vibe.”

The music leads up to the very Christmassy ending bringing every character together, recalls Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Founding Partner and Composer. “A strong visual element during the story are the hunting scenes of the fox and rabbit, so in music I created a slight tension with darker tone. This really brings out the bear’s frustration. Then it builds up to a more joyous tone, with eventually some subtle Christmas bells in the final scene.”

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Galeria Kaufhof | Heart by Heart, Together we celebrate

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