WE Fashion | Better Together Sweater

The temperature is dropping, the first Christmas lights are brighting up dark mornings, and slowly the Christmas songs are taking over the radio stations. It is safe to say Christmas time has come. So, WE Fashion found a way to bring the joy of the holidays close to you. Very close, to be precise.

The ‘Better Together Sweater’ will make sure you will never leave each others side in the most Christmassy way possible. “Nina Aaldering, the Director, had a very clear and elegant vision which translated perfectly to the story about togetherness, friendship and love” recalls Koert van der Ploeg, Colourist. “The raw neon coloured scenes combined flawlessly

with the dinners, which had a softer touch. Thomas Buelens, DOP, created a colour concept which we further strengthened in the grading.”

The commercial has a quite dramatic undertone due to the famous ‘Winter’ composition of Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, explains Marco Baay, Sound Designer & Partner. “The music is a strong guiding line throughout the story and creates the perfect built up, so we decided to leave out the sound design and let the music speak for itself. The tricky part was creating a perfect coherent musical track with the same accretion as the visuals. Now let’s hope Vivaldi agrees on it from his grave…”

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WE Fashion | Better Together Sweater

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