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Kingsday has teamed up with Ambassadors to launch Exact’s campaign “ New Accountancy”  starring the youngest F1-winner Max Verstappen.

Stephen Pepper – Director

“When Kingsday first came to Ambassadors with the Exact brief we suggested going with a fully CG car and environment, as it proved unachievable to get Max’s actual car on location.

After analyzing a lot of F1 footage, Exact and the F1-team then helped us ensure the car looked and moved authentically.

Our biggest challenges on the project were having a locked camera position (only focal length changes allowed) and making sure the car didn’t distract too much from Exact’s important background text.

I’ve worked on many automotive commercials in the past. But to start my directors debut with this F1 project has been a fabulous experience. Our team had a lot of fun and did an amazing job. We’re thrilled with the results.”


Rens Pluijm – Head of Sound Design

“For the car sounds we went to Circuit de Catalunya  on a F1 test day where Max was doing test laps. This allowed us to get clean car sounds without too much background noise and we could focus on Max his car. Unfortunately we did not catch him doing donuts though, we had to fake that one a little bit.

On the music track we decided on a percussion piece with very little tonal elements, as they would interfere with the car

sounds but would work great on the incoming text lines. Also we added some some tonal bass synth sounds on the slow motion parts to get some contrast with the high pitched engine noises and to make the soundtrack blend with the percussion track.

The coolest thing of this job was seeing the car grow from animatic to photo realistic and trying to match it in sound. Of course I also did not mind going to Barcelona to record the sounds.”

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Exact | New Accountancy

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