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Together with advertising agency Kingsday we created two online films for the international campaign ‘New Accountancy’ for software brand Exact with the young car racing legend Max Verstappen. The Dutch company, who started designing company software in 1984, recognises his determination to keep improving his qualities. Their pay-off sums it up pretty well; ‘Be tech curious’.

A guiding line throughout the films, is Verstappen’s curiosity, very eager to explore the world surrounding him. The two films are located in a big white industrial building where a table is placed in the in the middle with an item that is covered underneath a red box. As this grabs his attention, he discovers a special drone in one film and in the other film a keyboard with a holographic screen.

Verstappen who grew up with constant media attention, looses his cool and can not contain his excitement. This was not always the case, explains Vincent Lammers, Head of Animation and Design and director of the two films,

‘To be fair we had to push Max a bit out of his comfort zone to ease him up a bit. Just to say, there are endless items that you can put underneath a box. The drone and holographic screen were both added in post production.’

‘The final scene where Max steals the keyboard or very smoothly dodges a drone, are very lucky presents that added even more spontaneity to the films.’

Joep Meijburg who created the sound design and composed the music, focussed on a digital bass loop to add a funky touch. ‘The shoot was a lot of fun. We could easily make a 2 hour long blooper-reel with all the material we have. Max had to act with nothing, so that did not always go so smoothly.’

Lammers and Meijburg agree that the most interesting aspect of this project is that it pushed them to experiment with new technology and immediately implement it in the films. ‘Which also excited Max a lot.’



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Exact | Be Tech Curious

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