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This project was both exciting and challenging. We had to create a visual world to tell three very different chapters of the Duvel story. The graphic technique we developed was based on the woodcut style of the original Duvel branding. It is both gritty and quirky, which was a great starting point as it meant we had a wide range of visual ideas to work with. We succeeded in creating a series of illustrations “ready to animate” as we had developed the whole script with this is mind. The storyboarding of the different films was crucial to nail down the story as early as possible before developing the different designs for the films.
Manuell Ferrari | Design & Animation Director
‘I am very happy with the overall project. As the production went on, different teams of Ambassadors got involved. It is always great when you feel that an energy is building up
 around a film you’re making. It was also the first time I had to animate my own designs. I had done similar work in the past with different designers, but this time I was able to develop the scripts while visualising the look of every scenes from scratch. The sheer quantity of designs needed was daunting but you don’t always get to push yourself quite as far, so succeeding in that was almost its own reward.
Sound is very important to me when I develop a script and storyboard. So it is always great to collaborate with our sound team on these types of projects. I had ideas for the overall layout of the soundtrack, and Joep (Sound Designer) was able to extrapolate and enrich those ideas. Luckily we had enough time to experiment, which is very important for every film we make. And his sound design gave me new ideas to animate the visuals to fit the soundtrack, so that the overall experience of the films is exciting, organic and unique.’

Duvel | Eigenzinnigheid

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Duvel | Geduld (Director's cut)

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Duvel | Mastery

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