De Staat | Round

De Staat’s new video for their song ‘Round’ is all about repetition. Based on M. C. Escher’s exploration of infinity and visual distortion, the end result is a graphic and kaleidoscopic piece of art.

The first source of inspiration is the endless looping GIF which has taken the internet by storm the last couple of years. “Torre Florim, the lead singer of De Staat, played with the idea of ‘out playing a GIF’ whereas you look for a constant rhythm without a beginning or an end. So I matched this to an endless turning stairway based on M. C. Escher’s etches to get the exact look”,

explains Floris Kingma (Blackmetaldeath), the Director.

This playful repetition is also a strong focus in the colour grading, explains Koert van der Ploeg, Colourist. “Collaborating with Floris was a very pleasant experience wherein I could push my creativity to the max. No colour scheme is left untested, until we hit the right feeling. Especially the graphical feeling of the stairways is emphasised by using a stronger contrast between the warm and colder colours. The repetition results into an expansion of chaos throughout the film which is even more highlighted with warm accents.”


Art Department – Thomas Hamming & Chiel Sinninghe

Editor – Teun Rietveld

Online – Marcus Flack

Production Assistant – Nahani Borking

Production Assistant – Arne Van Houteghem

Production Assistant – Justine Ottevaere

Sound Mixage – Nick (Stainlesssound)

DOP – Brecht Goyvaerts

Goffer – Michael Swennen

Focus Puller – Rachelle Sluiter

Grip – Mike Laureys (Gripwise)

Grip Assistent – Melle Vaarzon Morel

Lead Actress – Delfine Bafort (Models Office)

Stylist – Esmée Croqué

Casting – Rebecca van Unen (Oi Mundo Casting Agency)

Make-up & Hair – Paul Hillewaere (Models Office)

Co-funding – CZAR Amsterdam

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De Staat | Round

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