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Virtual Reality video clip where each band member has his own music video

So how did the collaboration get started? Executive Producer Melvin Kant: ‘WE ARE WILL was approached by De Staat to create a series of videos based on the songs of album ‘O’. Torre had the idea to record ‘Get On Screen’ with a 360 ° camera, hoping it could turn in to a VR video. Immediately I thought of Diederik from Ambassadors, whom I met during last year’s ‘VR Breakfast’-session at the international advertising festival Cannes Lions.‘

However the execution was not as simple as the idea. Diederik Veelo, Head of Innovation:  ‘The question was whether we

could produce this within 20 days.  And, how to keep the frame steady, because at one point, the camera goes 3 meters up and the viewer gets the feeling that he is hanging above the band.’

Kant: ‘The exciting element is the central perspective of the viewer, who is surrounded by all band members. Depending on the viewing direction of the person with VR goggles, each band member has the lead in this music video.’

Veelo adds: ‘Filming for virtual reality for everyone is still new,  because we have our own camera and made a Virtual Reality Experience for Terre des Hommes on child slavery last year, we were able to create a  quick workflow .’

360 ° sound

Sound was crucial to the user experience. The surround view and sound design had to be connected in a “relevant” way allowing the viewer to really feel at the center of the music video.

Joep Meijburg, Sound Designer explains: ‘We use Ambisonic Sound, also known as 360 ° sound. We have added

small nuances: if you look at the direction of the drummer, the sound of the drums are a bit louder and when you turn around towards the bass player, you will hear the bass a bit louder. The clip moves along with you in a way that is not only visual but also in terms of sound allowing you to experience it in a more intense way.’

Interview De Staat x 3FM 

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De Staat | Get on screen

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