De Bijenkorf | Festive Season

Christmas time is a magical time that brings out everyone’s festive side. Even the most grumpy can’t ignore the joyous and cosy element of little Christmas lights. So, in this year’s Christmas commercial de Bijenkorf highlights their extravagant shop windows, filled with presents and decorations, through an enchanting journey inside one of their snow globes.

The film is commissioned by Cake Film & Photography and it all starts with a young girl secretly opening one of her Christmas presents at night, explains Daniël Nogueira, the Director. “Every year de Bijenkorf transforms their shop windows to an elaborate Christmas show. So this year we wanted to tell a story based on these little expositions with all the beautiful products. The spot takes you on a magical

journey inside the extraordinary world of de Bijenkorf snow globe. The props are all created by Noa Verhofstad, which brought out a real fantasy world on set and even more so in the film.”

An old school feeling

All magical elements are filmed on set, so after the shoot it was a matter of creating an enchanting world based on these features, explains Jeroen van Berkel, VFX Supervisor. “Creating this film had a bit of an old school feeling, because we used real life props and no CG. The first time the whole story came together is when we started conjoining all the separate shots to a collective magical sequence. During the shoot is was quite challenging to create all the desired effects and looks, but

when we all placed it together it all fell into place. This gave Daniël and I some creative freedom to create a look that felt exactly right.”

Inside the snow globe

The story evolves around two different worlds that are interwoven, but keep their individual characteristics. “Together with Daniël and Jasper Wolf, the DOP, we included the colour grading from the start. That way we had enough time to explore and examine the prefect look for both settings. The first scene has a Christmas feeling but with a certain tensity, which creates a guiding line to the girl’s explorative journey inside the snow globe. The opposing magical world has a very

elegant touch, especially highlighting the magical feel” describes Koert van der Ploeg, Colourist.

A mystical vibe

The music explores these two worlds even more, illustrates Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Composer and Founding Partner. “In the enchanted sequence we wanted to have a bit more of a mystical vibe with a slightly darker tone, in contrast to the very warm living room feeling. The worlds are completely different in chords and tones, but therefore bringing the story more to life. During the recording we toned the sound design down, because it crippled the magical feeling. So we let the music do the talking.”

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De Bijenkorf | Festive Season

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