De Bijenkorf | Only at de Bijenkorf

Nothing compares to the moment all the lights in the Bijenkorf are completely shut off and the calmness and silence fills the floors. It’s a moment that actually never happens, to be precise. But for the new brand campaign ‘Alleen bij de Bijenkorf’ the fabulous department store is shown in a new light.

“Being in the Bijenkorf at night is a very unique feeling and a special experience” explains Vincent Lammers, Director and Head of Design and Animation. “This extraordinary moment is the guiding line throughout the story. The little bird starts exploring the department store and begins to feel more unique with every step. We worked closely with Dawn to bring this emotion to every aspect of the film, from animation and colour

grading to the music.”

A warm and elegant look

The night shoot had several challenges according to Floris van der Lee, DOP. “We hadn’t seen the Bijenkorf at night with all the lights off, so that made for a thrilling shoot day! But together with the lighting team and Ambassadors we were able to create the look we wanted perfectly. The taxidermy stand-in birds are a less advanced aide, but they make sure the animated birds will fit the shots perfectly afterwards.”

The look is further developed in the grading with Koert van der Ploeg, Colourist. “For this project the grading was involved

from the start which gave me the opportunity to help with the colour concepts and on set lighting solutions. Together with the talented Floris, Vincent and Creative Director Ward Graumans we were able to create a strong pre-grade where the rest of the team could built on.”

The magical surroundings are a strong colour influence, according to van der Ploeg. “In combination with the chic colours like soft pink, mint green and clear red we created an environment of mystery and magic. This takes the viewer on an exciting journey through a beautiful setting of warmth and elegance.”

Small smiles and a unique feeling

The music follows the emotion of the small bird and is the narrator throughout the story. “The music follows the amazement of the bird and works up to the heroic scene on the escalator” explains Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Founding Partner and Composer. “Afterwards the music has a lighter character because the little bird starts to feel unrestricted, until 

the moment it faces the mirror. That moment is a wink between reality and a dreamworld. In this part the music is smaller and more human to create that unique feeling.”

The music and sound design are woven together throughout the film, explains Joep Meijburg, Composer and Sound Designer. “I looked for realistic bird sounds, for example the sound of the bird’s foots on the different floors or the fluttering of the wings. But at the same time you don’t want to lose the magic of the story through too much realism. So at the peacock sequence the feathers are quiet and the music speaks.”

The human elements aren’t only featured in the music but also in the design and CG of the lead characters, explains Lammers. “The little bird and the peacock have subtle humanly traits, like the blinking of the eyes and little smiles in their beaks. The design and CG of the bird goes all the way to the smallest details in order to have the perfect look and movement. For example the peacock has around 33712 feathers, 1400 bones and 80 control elements.”

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De Bijenkorf | Only at de Bijenkorf

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