COS | Musical Chairs

Which party trick is as old as day? ‘Musical chairs’ has been a hit even when your great ancestors were having a rowdy Friday night. Nonetheless in this day and age it is an ice breaker, which will get you to giggle without a doubt. Unless you are the first one to loose of course. Lernert and Sander, the Dutch directors duo, put a quirky twist to the new COS commercial. Apparently it can be as simple as a few designer chairs, some models and a game.

‘The film was shot on a quarter of a cirkel to create the illusion of a full circle in the edit and visual effects’, explains Oscar Marmelstein, Editor. ‘Lernert and Sander always have very 

creative ideas and know exactly what they want, so it is a pleasure working with them. This was no exception.’

The tricky part where Marmelstein and Bas Moonen, VFX Artist, on agree is creating a straight line in the background throughout all the shots. ‘As perfect as they shot the footage, creating the illusion of a full circle was a bit more challenging because the line had to be on the same height in every shot’, clarifies Moonen. ‘Another difficulty is that the film had to be loopable, to achieve that the first shot needs to correspond with the last. So now you can watch it on a continuous loop without knowing where it began.’

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COS | Musical Chairs

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