Corona x Parley | 100 Islands protected by 2020

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest worldwide threats. If we don’t change our ways fast, our beloved nature and wildlife will resemble a big trash belt, with (if you are lucky) a hint of greenery. This can disrupt all of our ecosystems, our food chain, our health and to put it simply the lifespan of our planet. If current marine pollution trends continue, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by the year 2050. Doesn’t sound very promising, right?

So let’s not lose ourselves in endless plastic bags, packaging, wrappers and bottles and start cleaning up the mess we made. On International Recycling Day 2017, Corona and Parley for the Oceans announced a partnership in the movement to end marine plastic pollution. The long-term partnership launches with a plan to protect 100 Islands by 2020 starting in six key regions in different parts of the world – Mexico, Maldives,

Australia, Chile, Italy and Dominican Republic.

This partnership is launched with a 3-minute film celebrating a love for the ocean and a commitment to protecting it, and accompanying social campaign, featuring ambassadors Chris Hemsworth, Diego Luna, Ramon Navarro, and Nashla Boagaert.

Different sequences 

The first film is built up in 3 sequences, explains Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Founding Partner & Composer. “In the music and sound design we built up the energy in these 3 sequences. The first part is about admiring the ocean and its beauty, where the second part confronts the viewer with the reality of the amount of plastic in our oceans, and the last part brings on a positive note where the cleaning up has begun.”

The sound of the ocean 

“The voice-overs are the guiding line throughout the films, so the sound design and music are there to support their story. The nature is made tactile and brought to life in the sound design, where I mostly focussed on the sounds of the ocean and wind. The music emphasises the enchanting visuals in the beginning and becomes more dark when the shift to the plastic pollution comes in. But luckily brightens up in the end” illustrates Marco Baay, Sound Designer & Partner.

Eye catching colours

The beauty of the nature surrounding us is even more emphasised with eye catching colours. “Grading with Jeff and Alvaro is always a blast. It’s all epic sunsets, pristine beaches and hyper-blue ocean versus the grim pollution that’s threatening our oceans. I prepped the main grade in our Baselight grading suite in the East and doing a final review and tweaks at the Herengracht” recalls Brian Krijgsman, Senior Colourist.

A second film 'What The Ocean Gives Us', with Diego Luna

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Corona x Parley | 100 Islands protected by 2020

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