CLOS19 | A step into the Exceptional

Clos19 makes the art of hosting easy with exclusive champagnes and spirits from around the world. In this short film directed by Lernert & Sander, our VFX team created an endless turning arch highlighting a new dining detail in every turn.

The arch is CG built and the camera movement is around 180 degrees stitched together creating the illusion of a full circle. “To construct a whole from all the footage, each 180 degree take had to be stabilized and reprojected individually.

Afterwards we rendered it through our hand animated virtual camera in Flame” explains Bas Moonen, VFX Supervisor.

The music is inspired by the same circular movement, creating a new atmosphere in every turn, illustrates Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Composer. “The same elegance of the visuals is translated to the music and follows the rhythm of the turn of the arch. The modern tones are interlaced with the sound

design and built up to the cork reveal. The sound design becomes part of the melody, while keeping the mystical vibe.”

The film plays with different perspectives, even adding a miniature set recalls Moonen. “The hand is shot with a mini camera rig on a white table with a miniature cork. I’ve calculated the perfect curve, distance and height of the camera to make it fit the other shots flawlessly.”

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CLOS19 | A step into the Exceptional

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