Chapter One | The Kiteboard Legacy Begins

‘Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins’ brings together the celebrated legends, current champions and future stars of the trilling sport of kiteboarding. For 2,5 years Eyeforce travelled the globe, moving from one adventure to another. Our colourist Koert van der Ploeg added the finishing touches to this beautiful film through colour. 

Ruben Lenten (NED), Jesse Richman (USA), Pete Cabrinha (USA), Aaron Hadlow (GBR) and Sir Richard Branson are in the most breathtaking kitesurfing spots around the world, from Fiji to Amsterdam, Brazil to Hawaii. Chapter One follows the sport’s leading lights as they chase the toughest storms, ride the perfect waves and perform the most thrilling tricks.

As van der Ploeg explains, ‘During the grading of this film I felt like leaving a dark cave and going into a beautiful world full of blue, green, cyan and sometimes a touch of turquoise waves. Wonderfull islands with overwhelming soft green nature. And most importantly, great athletes with some colourful kites.’

For more details check out the Chapter One website, and enjoy the ride.

Chapter One is presented by WeTransfer, sponsored by O’Neill and Mystic, and is a co-production with Red Bull Media House Films.

Read more on Koert as colourist of Chapter One in this interview.

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Chapter One | The Kiteboard Legacy Begins

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