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Vacation should be about relaxing, enjoying the sights, spending quality time with family or friends, but one unfortunate moment can change the course of your vacation completely. Centraal Beheer knows like no other how to handle these unlucky moments with a little help of beefcake Hulk Hogan. As a pro wrestler he can handle any pick pocketer in a blink of an eye.

So creating Sound Design that emphasized Hogan’s invincible

nature was definitely a highlight for Rens Pluijm, Founding Partner and Head of Sound Design. “It was a real pleasure working on this commercial, these are the kind of projects that made me fall in love with advertising in the first place. It’s extremely liberating to work on Sound Design that’s not very subtle, more is more! Or as Dylan de Backer said: those drops aren’t loud enough! Also a big thumbs up to the guys from Cris Kos & Jef Richaerts for delivering such a great piece of music, it really ties it all together.”

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Centraal Beheer | Hulk

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