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This collaboration with brings out an endless amount of vacation vibes. The brief was to evoke an especially summery feel. During this cold February month, these CG beach balls leave us longing for some sunshine.

The animation of these CG beach balls is based on reversing the inflation, explains Will Jeffers, Head of 3D. “All the inflatables

are created in CG, firstly we modelled all the different assets like the flamingo, ball and unicorn. The next step was to sculpt all the details and creases to give the feeling of inflated plastic. After that we worked on the material appearance, which was challenging because of the different properties of plastic. The look is a combination of a reflective and translucent material that interact with the environment and the back lit shots.”

The look of the inflatables is further developed in the grading session explains Koert van der Ploeg, Colourist. “We implemented the grading in two phases; first with the plates that were shot on set and afterwards the combination with the CG. Through this hybrid workflow we had perfect control of the CG integration. It was very pleasant working with the DOP, Floris van der Lee, as he has very clear ideas of what he seeks with composition and light.”

The look of these inflatables is just the first step, the movement comes next. “We sucked the air out of them in Maya so they would collapse for the first shots”, recalls Jeffers. “Afterwards the elements are dynamically simulated to inflate to their full size again. It was especially important to implement the details like the wobbling flamingo head or the subtle deformations when they bump into each other to give a very realistic feel.”

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