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In a world where technology is intertwined in our everyday lives, engineers are one of the most important intermediates in making this progress valuable. In these commercials for ASML, several world problems are quoted, like famine, endangered species, heart problems and so on, which could be prevented or at least regulated with the use of modern technology. 

Visualising this technical evolution can be tricky, but animation keeps the topic entertaining and fun. Especially for a company that is leading in technology the animations need to be modern and progressive. “A retro effect with scan lines felt dated, so we wanted to built a more contemporary style hologram that completely transforms”, says Vincent Lammers, Head of Animation & Design and Director. “Because our visual language keeps evolving and changing through the years, we wanted to design something a bit more unique and futuristic, so we designed a 3 dimensional pixelated built up referencing

the visual language of something like Minecraft to give it a more contemporary vibe.”

The combination of portrait style shots and animations ended up being more tricky than imagined because of the different lighting styles. A green screen is used to bring the different settings together, creating a guiding background colour. “Together with D.O.P. Nils (Last name komt nog) and colorist Brian Krijgsman we created the visually speaking portraits with the lightning and grading”, exclaims Lammers.

This dual focus between human and technology also shines through in the music. As Sebastiaan Roestenburg, Composer & Founding Partner, explains, “We wanted to create a combination between a technological feel and an orchestral composition to get the right atmosphere. The colourful campaign needs a more mature sound to bring the strong message across.”

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ASML | Online

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