Stivoro | A Deadly Serious Matter

Is smoking still cool in 2017? Stivoro definitely doesn’t think so. Every year more than 20 000 people die from smoking in the Netherlands alone. Research from TNS NIPO shows that we are well aware how unhealthy smoking is, but a large part of both smokers and non-smokers have no idea how the tobacco industry is misleading them in smart and sly ways.

So imagine a Friday afternoon where an intern is leaving the company. There’s drinks, finger food and an easy-going ambiance. And obviously a manager giving a corny speech. All familiar right? Except, everyone says the most naked truth possible. And it’s ugly, awkward and painful.

Koert van der Ploeg, our in house Colourist, worked together with director Beer ten Kate and cinematographer Thomas Leermakers on a visual style to translate the ominous feeling of the story. “We searched for a way to create a characterless room, with an untouchable element to it. By isolating green and warm tones we had a style that fitted the atmosphere very well”. The very on point art direction and lighting constructed an impeccable base to work on.

The honesty has already proven to work as one of our colleagues has immediately quit smoking after working on this film.

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Stivoro | A Deadly Serious Matter

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