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Nothing says Easter more than an Easter egg. For the new Albert Heijn Easter film anything egg related will do. Talking eggs, broken eggs, egg jokes and egg stickers all come together on a sunny brunch table.

“During the whole process we made endless amounts of egg jokes, nothing was off limits” recalls Vincent Lammers, Head of Design and Animation and Director. “Because the main characters are talking eggs, we could really make their personalities more distinct through the animation and tone of voice.”

Their faces are based on the egg-stickers, which will be available in the Albert Heijn during Easter. “We shot the Easter table on a very small range, focussing on the products of the set table. So, it was important to keep the eggs real and

animate the sticker faces on them as if we shot it in stop motion” explains Lammers.

Shooting with all the different expressions on the eggs would have been quite time consuming on set. So the stickers were animated and placed on the eggs in compositing. To create the stop motion look, the stickers were displaced, their textures changed and they were re-positioned slightly on each change. To help with realism, a slightly greasy look was added along with some creases and slightly roughened edges, explains Stephen Pepper, Visual Effects Supervisor.

A warm spring setting

The humorous setting is even more accentuated by the colourful look, as Lammers explains. “We went for a bit of a

nostalgic look, soft shadows and lots of colour, bringing out the bright yellow and turquoise of the props to emphasise the warm spring setting and contrast the humour and sometimes brutal images of the eggs.”

A Bariton ukulele

The happy go lucky feeling of the bright colours and lighthearted jokes, needs some counterbalance of icy tones of the bariton ukulele, explains Joep Meijburg, Composer and

Sound Designer. “The fresh spring excitement is embodied in the voice over, so the music had to be more of a guiding sound without overruling the dialogue. The overall track is more calmer with accents on the striking moments like when the egg gets hit.”

The film is filled with details and jokes, if you really look closely every egg on the table has it’s own personality. Even the ones in the background. And definitely don’t miss the reflection of a very happy egg in the spoon.

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Albert Heijn | Easter

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