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House of Craft – Sound & Colour

18.06.2018 – In May we hosted a House of Craft evening solely focussed on sound and colour. This collaborative evening evolves around sharing and exchanging creativity and the craft of making, which we all love and seek to hone.  

Sound Designer Marco Baay demonstrated the magic of sound design and Colourist Matt Hare navigated the world of colour grading. While they are both masters in their respective fields, the joint presentation illustrated how these stages collaborate and complement each other in the finishing process.

“During this event we wanted to show you different examples of the use of colour grading, and how we can manipulate the same image to create five distinct movie genres. Then I combined each of these with Marco’s sound creations to harness the full effect of sound and colour on our cinematic experience” clarifies Hare.

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House of Craft – Sound & Colour

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